Pole Vaulting Videos
by John Altendorf

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Selected video from 4-23-2003 meet with South Albany
Kelli's 8'-0" jump.       Joan's 10'-0" jump.       Tessa's 11'-1" jump (school record).

"Best Heights" videos from 4-30-2003 meet with CHS
Kelli's 8'-6" jump.       Joan's 9'-6" jump.       Tessa's 10'-6" jump.
Craig's 10'-6" jump.       Shawn's 11'-0" new PR jump.       Kevin's 11'-0" new PR jump.

"Best Heights" videos from 5-1-2003 JV meet with CHS
Jamie's 6'-6" jump.       Lettie's 7'-0" jump.       Breanne's 7'-6" new PR jump.      Sara's 8'-6" new PR jump.
Cody's 9'-0" jump.       Jared's 10'-0" jump.  (Vaulters: please tell me if these heights are incorrect.)

5-2-2003 CHS Challenge
Craig's 12'-0" new PR jump.       One of Shawn's jumps.       One of Kevin's jumps.
(battery charge problem truncated Craig's PR jump video)

5-20-2003 District meet (boys)
Jared's jump.       Shawn's jump.

5-22-2003 District meet (girls)
Kelli's 9'-0" new PR jump.       Joan's 10'-6" jump.       Tessa's 10'-6" jump.

Miscellaneous "fun"
Dave       John       Craig's broken pole (5/13/03)   (If that one has problems, try this.)      
Craig strikes again!     John's 12' street vault (large image - poor quality video)       John's 12' street vault (small image - poor quality video)      

(NOTE: These files are about 1MB. A high speed internet connection is highly recommended for viewing. Either that or sufficient patience.)

If you do have a high speed connection, and want to see some excellent videos of world class vaulters, check out this link. The videos on this site are even larger (take more time to download) and require the QuickTime movie viewer. If you don't have it, you can download the free viewer here.

Here is a photo I like and have titled "It's lonely at the top."  Read the bio of this vaulter, Lawrence Johnson.

You can save any of these files to your own computer so they can be accessed without being connected to the web. To do this, select File, then SaveAs from the Windows Media Player menu bar and give the file a name and directory of your choosing. Be sure to keep the .avi filename extension.