Airlines that will take poles
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Alaska Airlines pole-vaulting Pole-vaulting equipment will be accepted for a charge of USD 50.00/CAD73.00. Pole-vaulting equipment does not require a case. Limit of one pole with maximum dimensions of 6" x 6" x 17'. Note: on AS Substitute Service Flight series 2000 the maximum single dimension is 8 ft. (1/30/07)
America West
(see US Airways)
  Bought out by US Airways but still show flights under America West name. Trying to get baggage info for America West results in automatically switching to US Airways web pages. (1/30/07)
Continental Airlines pole vault Continental accepts one pole vault in lieu of one piece of free baggage. Pole Vault must be properly encased in a suitable container. Pole Vault acceptance is restricted by aircraft type. Contact Continental Airlines Reservations, worldwide, for maximum length restrictions. Domestically, Pole Vaults have a service charge of $95.00 (each way) for each pole presented. This charge is in addition to any excess baggage charge that may apply. Continental Airlines shall not be liable for damage to a Pole Vault. Contact Continental Airlines Reservations, worldwide, for international service charge rates. Excess Valuation may not be purchased for Pole Vaults. Pole Vaulting equipment will not be accepted as checked baggage on any itinerary involving a Continental Express* or Continental Connection flight. Note: Pole vaults will not be accepted during an excess baggage embargo. (1/30/07)
Frontier Airlines pole vault Pole Vault Items which exceed 99.9lbs will not be accepted.
The following limits for length apply based on aircraft type: Airbus 319/320: 15 ft; Airbus 318: 11 ft; Cost: $50 each way. (11/11/11)
Northwest Airlines Vaulting Poles Northwest accepts pole vault poles for travel within/between US/PR/VI/CA only as checked baggage. Passengers must make advance arrangements with Northwest Customer Service to transport pole vault poles. Pole vault poles may not be accepted on certain types of aircraft at Northwest's discretion. Northwest does not accept liability for loss, damage, or delay of pole vaulting equipment. Excess valuation insurance may not be purchased for transport of pole vaulting equipment. Javelin/Pole Vault Permitted up to 80 inches. Over 80 inches, oversize fees apply. (11/15/08)
Southwest Airlines vaulting poles Vaulting poles may be transported as checked baggage for a fixed charge of $50.00 each way. Rigid covers or containers cannot be used to transport them. (11/15/08)
United Airlines vaulting poles Allowance/requirements: One case holding a maximum of two poles. Cost: $175 per pole, each way. Maximum length: 16 feet (487 cm). Other information: Allow an extra 30 minutes. (11/15/08)
US Airways vaulting poles Vaulting poles will be accepted in the normal baggage allowance in lieu of a piece of baggage. One item of vaulting equipment consists of 1 pole and container with a maximum length of 16 ft/4.9 meters. Vaulting poles cannot be transported on US Airways Express. Vaulting poles should be enclosed in a container of sufficient strength to protect the pole from accidental damage. (11/15/08)

Airlines that will NOT take poles
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American Airlines pole vault not accepted (1/30/07)
Delta Airlines Vaulting Poles Vaulting Poles are not accepted. (5/23/07)