2009   M60-64
My jumping has been improving a little at a time.  I have been pretty much injury free so far, and that is a big part of the battle.  I didn't make it to the USATF Outdoor National Champs in Oshkosh, WI, or the World Champs in Lahti, Finland, but did go to the National Senior Games in Palo Alto. This was my first time competing with that organization which is sometimes referred to as the Senior Olympics.  

- John Altendorf

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Date Meet Name and Location Place Height
(video link)
Feb 22 Raising the Bar Vault Club competition
Springfield, Oregon

12' 6" make
.mpg format
Video thanks to Tom Sorenson. Too bad this jump didn't happen while jumping at a WR height.  :(
Mar 21 USATF Masters Indoor National Champs
Landover, Maryland
3.50m .mov  .wmv
3.80m .mov  .wmv
M60 and M65 jumped together. 11 total competitors. I opened at 3.50m then had bar moved to 3.80m, then 4.02m for an attempt to improve my WR. I didn't jump well at the record height. We 3 medal winners got together on the medal stand for this photo.
May 30 All Jumps and Throws
Cascade HS, Turner, Oregon
  12' 6"
Paul Wilson and his Vertical Vault Club puts on this fun all-comers jumps and throws meet. I was over a 13' bar 3 times, but always came down on it. As a good friend said to me, "You dumb bunny, you should have adjusted the standards!"
Jun 13 Portland Track Festival
Portland, Oregon
13' 0" This was a fun meet because it included very young competitors in events other than the vault. One group of kids became my personal fan club, cheering for me with each attempt.
Jun 27 Portland Masters Classic
NW Region Champs
Oregon Assoc Champs
Gresham, Oregon   (results)
4.02m mov
This jump is pending as an American record and has been accepted as a World record. It betters my old mark by 2cm (3/4") to 13' 2 1/4". This year this meet was also the Oregon Champs and the NW Regional Champs so, for this one jump I get credit for 3 meet records!  Sweet!
Jul 9 Oregon Track Club All-Comers
Eugene, Oregon
  13' 0" This was a perfect afternoon for vaulting.  About 75 degrees with a nice tailwind and on Hayward Field.  Who could ask for more.  It turned out to be a good day for me also, even though I didin't jump well with any of my attempts at 4.05m.  But I made 12', 12'6" and 13' each on my first attempts.  I borrowed a pole from Dan West to 'fit' between my second to largest and my largest poles and it worked well.
Jul 12 State Games of Oregon
Gresham, Oregon
13' 0" Cool temps, bu the predicted rain didn't happen.  I got a "kink" in my back lifting the box plug out while helping get the pit ready.  It hurt but I decided to jump thru the pain since I didnt' think it was a muscle pull.  That may prove to be a bad decision since it is more painful now (next day).  It affected my run; I ran thru several times.  However I did clear 4 bars and attempted 4.05m again without success.  Failure to plant with a tall, extended top arm prevented my pit penetration and I came down on the bar.  New meet record.
Aug 8 National Senior Games
Stanford University
Palo Alto, California
3.85m make
4.05m miss XX
Hot weather; in the 90's.  Only 9 of the 14 registered entrants competed.  Two pits (perpendicular runways) were being used and we were lucky to have a little tail wind.  I opened at 3.50m and cleared on first attempt.  Art Parry also opened at that height but had trouble and bailed on first two attempts.  His third was a great jump but the wind caught the pole and the pole knocked the bar off.  The official call was a fault although most observers felt he pushed the pole back sufficiently.  The call stood and Art was out with a NH.  So, being the only participant I was allowed to choose the next height and had the bar set to 3.85 and cleared it on my first attempt.  I had the bar set to 4.05 for attempts to improve my record.  My second attempt was close (see video), but not successful.  The 3.85m clearance is a new meet record.

Metric to English Conversions

meters   feet inches   meters   feet inches   meters   feet inches
3.00 = 9 10.00   3.50 = 11 5.75   4.00 = 13 1.50
3.05 = 10 0.00   3.55 = 11 7.75   4.05 = 13 3.50
3.10 = 10 2.00   3.60 = 11 9.75   4.10 = 13 5.50
3.15 = 10 4.00   3.65 = 11 11.75   4.15 = 13 7.50
3.20 = 10 6.00   3.70 = 12 1.75   4.20 = 13 9.25
3.25 = 10 8.00   3.75 = 12 3.75   4.25 = 13 11.25
3.30 = 10 10.00   3.80 = 12 5.50   4.30 = 14 1.25
3.35 = 11 0.00   3.85 = 12 7.50   4.35 = 14 3.25
3.40 = 11 1.75   3.90 = 12 9.50   4.40 = 14 5.25
3.45 = 11 3.75   3.95 = 12 11.50   4.45 = 14 7.25

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